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Where Talent Takes Flight.

At Featherstone, we have a proven track record of linking top talents to business triumphs. Your trusted global SaaS recruitment partner.


Founded by a dynamic duo – a seasoned BI Analyst and Tech Recruiter – Featherstone is not your average recruitment firm. With a shared vision of streamlining the way SaaS multilingual sales roles are sourced and filled across the globe, we leverage the power of data-driven action, honest communication and our global network to ensure the perfect fit for your team. 

Let us help you unlock the potential of your SaaS solutions with the power of highly skilled multilingual sales talent.

Our Story

In today's global marketplace, success hinges on more than just technical expertise – it requires effective communication across cultural boundaries. 

That's where we come in.

On behalf of Migraine Ireland I want to express our sincere appreciation to Robert for his invaluable support and dedication in offering his recruitment services pro bono. His commitment to assisting us in our mission is truly commendable.

His expertise in recruitment has played a vital role in helping us build a team of passionate individuals who share our vision and values. His willingness to donate his time and resources has significantly contributed to the success of our organization, enabling us to continue making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.

The professionalism and attention to detail he has demonstrated throughout the recruitment process have been exemplary. His ability to identify and attract talented individuals who align with our organizational goals has been instrumental in strengthening our team and enhancing our capabilities.

His generosity has allowed us to redirect funds towards our programs and initiatives, ultimately enabling us to serve our community more effectively.

Thank you Robert for your exceptional support and commitment to our cause.

Pascal Derrien, CEO Migraine Ireland


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